How to create your Official World
Compliment Day 2023 Awards?


  1. Click (after reading these instructions) on the ‘Download the Award’ button below
  2. Please note! Download and file the empty(!) Award in PDF format first!
    Do not fill out the award online – you will lose the text when you file!
  3. Go to your (filed) empty PDF Award
  4. Fill out the blue fields (this color will not appear when award is printed by recipient)
  5. Want most impact? Explain WHY this (compliment) is so important to you!
  6. File the Award under a different PDF Name. For example: Award for Robert.pdf
  7. Send the Award on March 1 to the person it’s meant for.


Want to send more Awards? Great idea!
Return to your (filed) empty PDF Award and prepare as many as you can!
For anyone who deserves one!
Family members? Colleagues? Volunteers? Friends? Suppliers?
They’ll love it!




Download the Award PDF image